Saturday, October 31, 2009

$20 challenge

So far this semester, my roomies and I are averaging $1k/month on groceries. I think this is exceptionally expensive, far outside our means as us guys dont have jobs currently. From this situation, and given that I lived well enough on $100/month for groceries last year going solo, I have presented myself a challenge: $20.

That is, I just went out and got $20 worth of groceries. Starting tomorrow, I will only eat those groceries and see how far I can stretch it, eating comfortably yet cheaply.

This blog will chroniclize this endevour. If it goes well, I may stick to it until I do get a full time job. Atleast once a day I will post what I ate that day and other details I find interesting.

Here is what I shall be starting with:

Instant rice - $2.82
beef ramen - $1.98
brown sugar - $0.92
white bread - $0.96
1/2 gallon milk - $1.48
instant oatmeal - $1.98
cherry drink mix - $1.78
Balogna - $2.00
peanut butter - $1.83
Mac N Cheese - $0.78
Eggs - $1.12
sliced cheese - $1.18

SubTotal: $18.83
6% tax: $1.13
Total: $19.96